Piano Lessons

Take private 1 on 1 lessons with pianist Edward Zhou.  His imaginative and “outside the box” teaching method has rocketed his students into consistently achieving top prizes and gala invitations for music festivals in Metro Vancouver. His attention to detail and proactive approach to lessons will ensure that his student will never develop bad habits such as posture issues and body tension while playing. His first hand experience on stage will teach students stage presence and etiquette.

Injuries are the bane of any classical musician. The most common injury found on pianist is tendinitis; an injury that once experienced will never fully heal. Edward teaches students how to play ergonomically and effectively distribute weight  in order to achieve injury free practice habits.

Theory Lessons

Theory is taught strictly on a 1 on 1 basis. Every student have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, having a personal theory teacher will allow for customized teaching plans and personally tailored teaching.

Theory lessons are standalone lessons that is not integrated into the student’s piano lesson. This ensures quality and ample time to get through all the materials thoroughly.

Edward has experience teaching all subjects in the RCM Syllabus. Contact us about study plans and for more information.

Free Masterclass

Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt (1811-1886) could be the first to give the piano masterclass. Since then, Masterclasses have been held by professionals ranging from experienced instructors to concert pianists for music students all over the world.

Edward Zhou, a concert pianist, conducts masterclasses for piano students and he is highly in demand. He will share his musical insights in his masterclasses, provide invaluable instruction for the attendees, and provided artistic inspiration in preparation for student recital and exam. Students will receive individualized advice towards musical interpretation, technique and refining their artistry. His students overwhelmingly hold top positions in piano exams, competitions and festivals.

Piano masterclasses are free to piano students in Metro Vancouver and are open to students of all ages and levels. Please contact us for more information.

Piano Tuning/Repair

A major aspect of piano playing is to listen to the sound the instrument is producing. Often piano tuning is neglected which will have adverse affect on the student’s musical journey. Pianos should be tuned at least twice a year, usually during season changes. An advanced student might need even more tuning to keep their instrument in tip top condition.

The grand piano has over 9000 moving parts, just like how a car needs to be serviced and repaired, the piano too needs regulating and repairing. Edward can diagnose and fix common issues such as sticky keys, broken strings, sluggish actions, and double bouncing notes.

Edward offers one free tuning a year to his piano students and discounted rates on all subsequent tuning and repairs.

Choosing an instrument

Choosing a piano could be a taunting task especially when picking the very first piano. There are hundreds of piano brands and thousands of different piano models to choose from. Each instrument also has their own quality and timbre of sound which means you will never find an identical piano!

Trusting the piano sales associate is never a good idea because they are there to push for sales and will hide issues in order for you to buy their instrument. Edward, being a piano technician, can break down the piano and make sure you are buying a well built piano at a well negotiated price. His unbiased approach to pianos will help you get a pressure free buying experience.

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